8 Ways to Independently Fund Studying Abroad

One Student’s Advice On Paying For Study Abroad

8 Tips Paying For Study AbroadWhether you’re funding study abroad yourself (like myself!), splitting with your parents or just looking for a way to help your parents save some cash, here are some tips and tricks to saving to study abroad on your own!
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Transitioning Into Life Abroad

The ups and downs of transitioning into your new life abroad

Study Abroad Transition Roller CoasterStudying abroad is an amazing yet challenging opportunity. It is easier to prepare for the fun and adventure than the obstacles. In an attempt to better prepare students for the trials that come with studying abroad, my program provided an introduction packet. It gave general facts and information on the specific country as well as what to expect when transitioning to life abroad. This transition section was called the “W-effect”. The W-effect is the description of five predicted stages of transition. Let’s look at the five stages below: Continue Reading

When The Internet Meets Study Abroad Reality

Making The Most Of Your Study Abroad Destination

Casa Rosada Buenos Aires Study AbroadThe time leading up to your study abroad is a bit like being in an online dating romance with your country. You were first drawn in by its witty profile, the beautiful landscapes, amazing culture. Then after seeing the photos, you were in love. You can’t stop thinking about the city you’re going to and imagining all the fantastic things you be doing in it. Continue Reading

What’s The Best Digital Camera For Study Abroad?

The Study Abroad Blog’s picks for the best digital camera for study abroad

Girl Taking PhotoYou might remember from my post about mistakes I made while studying abroad that one of my biggest mistakes was buying the wrong camera. I got a cheap camera that took cheap photos, and while I took plenty of great photos during my time abroad, I can only imagine how many more there could’ve been if my camera had more functionality. So no one else makes the same mistake, I decided to do all the research and read all the reviews to find the best digital camera for study abroad and this is what I discovered. Continue Reading

The Top 10 Best Hostels In The World

The Study Abroad Blog’s list of the world’s best hostels

Wombats Hostel Germany AustriaBooking hostels is an important part of the trip planning process. Just because they’re less expensive than their hotel counterparts doesn’t mean they have to be low-quality, and in fact, a good hostel can add a huge boost to an already awesome trip. Judging by my own experiences, and thanks to a little help from the reviews over at Hostelworld.com, here are the top 10 best hostels in the world for student travelers. Continue Reading