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Everything study abroad for the week of February 19, 2012

Spring semester has started, and I’m sure every other study abroad student is just as busy as me trying to adjust to a new (and very early) school schedule. The warm temperatures are slowly making their way into Beijing, and when both the nice weather arrives and I’m finally adjusted to my schedule, I’m going to be a very happy man. No new blogger introductions this week, but this edition of Study Abroad Sense features a new section, “Study Abroad Student Travel”, in which I’ll hopefully be able to provide some help and advice in most students favorite area of study abroad.

Post From The Past

Wombat’s: Not Just Australian Marsupials

I had one of my best hostel experiences while traveling around Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, and this was a little shout out to the hostel I stayed at while on the trip: Wombat’s hostel chain. (It was also the start of my hostel review post series.) We stayed at Wombat’s in both Munich and Vienna so I was able to get a really good feel for the chain. While I may not be an expert in the hospitality industry, I can tell you that Wombat’s was one step away from being a hotel, and with the amount of awards it’s won over the past few years, apparently the experts agree with me. Like I say in the post, it is the hostel by which I will judge every other hostel from here forward.

Study Abroad Resources and Stuff

The Study Abroad Student’s Guide To Using The iPhone Abroad

Yes, I’m promoting my own post in a section other than “Post from the Past”, but it’s for a good reason – it’s a good post! I was sitting next to a friend in Chinese class today, and I overheard him saying he was having trouble with his iPhone since coming to China a few weeks ago. Obviously he hadn’t read my well-researched article on everything you need to know about using your iPhone abroad. If you don’t know the difference between “unlocking” and “jailbreaking”, the outrageous fees for using your iPhone abroad, or if you don’t know who the  “iPhone Dev Team” is, you need to read this.

Study Abroad Student Travel

Weekend Student Adventures (WSA)

Being able to travel the world is one of the best parts about studying abroad – planning your travels can sometimes be the worst. If you’re having trouble getting a trip organized, or just want a little help from someone who knows what they’re doing, check out WSA. Weekend Student Adventures (WSA) is a travel site started by Andy Steeves that specializes in weekend tours designed with study abroad students in mind. Tours are meant to immerse students into the local culture without having to worry about group size, accommodations, travel arrangements, food, and of course cost. It’s an awesome idea if you ask me, and a great way to make the most of a short time (weekend) in another country.

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